NCERT Objective Studies Kit for UPSC, State PSCs [Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers] (Set of 5 Books in Hindi) 

NCERT Objective Studies (Set of 5 Books in Hindi)

UPSC Civil Services Exam is not called the toughest exam because of its three-tier nature but because of the mammoth-sized syllabus and the process that one follows to clear it. To cover the syllabus one needs the resources, and the best resources are books.

These days it has been observed that aspirants are directed towards online classes but we would like to re-instate the importance of books and the most essential ones in the article below.

The aspirants who wish to appear for the Civil Services exam must follow a certain regime which can be beneficial for them. As per the suggestion of various experts, nothing can beat NCERT. In case you wish to begin your UPSC preparation, you must start with NCERT books from class 6th to 12th.

NCERT books provide a base for the exam. It is well known that UPSC asks CBSE board based questions in GS papers. What better than NCERT books for any CBSE student? Moreover, the students must note that NCERT books help in developing interest and can be followed for light reading

In case the aspirants have lesser time than others, try to finish at least the NCERT books from classes 9-12.

In order to correct this base, we have brought you NCERT OBJECTIVE BOOKS written by IAS Dr. Ranjit Kumar Singh, with the help of which you can get success in all other competitive exams like UPSC, STATE PCS, IAS Dr. Ranjit Kumar In this book written by Singh, you will find CHAPTER WISE OR TOPIC WISE MCQ QUESTIONS