A To Z of Success

This book is meant for all persons to think about their lives, to equip themselves to face the challenges and to shape a better future for themselves. It is not necessarily for those in high-tech profession. It is for everybody. It addresses the actual problems of life. It is eminently practical and gives the 'truths' in simple terms. It is an easy to read book to assist the youth and their guides to face modern life and to make the best of it. The author has used a unique technique of writing 26 Chapters A to Z to suit today's fast lifestyle. The chapters have words like Aim, Aspiration, Anger, Compassion, Jealousy, Kindness, Pride, Professionalism to zero-sum, Zeal etc. as sub paras around which a few profound experiences and insights are woven. You will feel as if the author is sitting with you and talking to you exclusively. Readers can choose to read them in a continuous manner or as individual pieces, the way they choose. They can go to A, to K, to X, to Y, to P, choose words and close the book. It gives them a total freedom for reading, throwing away and picking up. It suits the pressures of the modern day youth. The book is also well suited for those in higher age group including those above sixty. Though Indian context is emphasized, basic principles given apply to all.